The Best Landscaping Ideas

All homeowners want to have a pretty curb appeal that could attract both the guests and future house buyers (if you are planning to resell your property), and one way to do this beside remodeling and renovations is doing your landscape.

The landscaping San Angelo is able to provide you that kind of landscaping service that you want and need to make your property exude with beauty. There are several ways you can do and add to make it your lawn and yard colors and pretty highlights. In this article, we will share with you some of the landscaping ideas you can do to achieve all of these.

1.Greet your guests with colorful flowers

No one is unappreciative of colors that flowers give upon entering your house. There is just this pretty sensation when guests are greeted with colors and flowers scent when they first enter your haven. You can surprise them by adorning your entrance with assorted perennials and annuals that provide your home with different colors. You can have Snapdragon, Petunia, ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ roses, and Lily of the Nile to adorn your entrance.

If your house only has small proximity to the streets, you may try installing a low fence on the front yard to make an illusion of distance between the street and the house. You can also plant vines and flowers in the space.

2.Add some height with baskets and planters

Without layers, your home and landscape will still look boring and plain. One of the ways to put some dimensions to your landscape is by putting some different layers in it. You can do this by putting some hanging baskets and elevated planters. This will also provide a sea of pretty colors from high to low making the colors you add more exciting. Practically, it provides good aeration and shade.

3.Decorate your driveway

A normal driveway only consists of concrete — and just that. To avoid making it boring, you can try choosing the right plants and creating a slightly raised island in your lawn in the center and add some annuals, roses, and perennials in the front and above the hedge. You can make your landscape nicer by adding and mixing different colors, heights, and textures.

4. Effectively hide the outdoor structures

Some outdoor structures like garages, sheds, and outdoor workspace may not be always pretty to look at. You can hide them by making them a display of plants in different varieties as well as flowers. Add some brackets and wooden plank in order to have that shelf where you can place your flowers and plants on. Potted ferns can also be used to give that earthy accent to your landscape.

Other things you can do:

  • Plant some rambling vines to give that romantic view
  • Plant no-fuss lilies. They are more resilient to damage and they do not need regular maintenance
  • Deer-proof your garden to avoid damaging and ruining your plants and landscapes. You can do this by planting some plants that deer find disgusting like the butterfly weed, royal red butterfly bush, globe thistle, etc.
  • Grow some blooming shrubs that provide impact on your yard

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